An Anti-Retro Take on Final Fantasy 7 Remake

#RETROGAMERS are booing the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake and they should be celebrating it instead. It’s a chance to retell one of their favorite videogames with Modern Graphics, Gameplay, and Storytelling.

That’s the order of importance as well!

I support Square / Enix / Squaresoft / Square Enix games, as both developer and publisher. If you see the list they’ve had hands on, you’ll be wowed by the big-hitters you see.

And if you want to support Sqeenix and projects like ground-up Remakes of your favorites from 20+ years ago when games were objectively not as good, you should Pre-Order Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

This will confirm your interest in this project and projects like it. Understand, businesses are symbiotic macro-organisms that feed on Cash as feedback. Your Purchase assures them this is something you are willing to trade you Money for.

By now, Square Enix doesn’t need to be reminded we all love Sequals. But Remakes are a blossoming new territory for them. They want to see support by way of Pre-Orders and Day One Sales because it shows you care.

As I’ve said, you should Pre-Order FF7R. Yes, and in addition to that, if you’re a #RETROGAMER, don’t play it. You’ll grind your teeth and struggle with the new format of game called A-RPG. They’re relatively new. Think Playstation 2, and try not to wince.

Don’t play it, and instead watch your favorite Streamer handle the complicated controls. Even better: watch someone who has never played Final Fantasy 7 OG. You can relive the Story you once loved vicariously, and still grind your teeth and say “The book was better.”

Because that’s what passed for a game back in the 1990s. Turn-Based Role Playing Games? You mean reading a book. Nowadays we have a new name for those: Light Novels, or Visual Novels.

And it’s okay if things are different than what you remembered. My hope is with all that Polish left over, they may be able to write in some character development.

Learn to love again: Buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Before I go, I have a knock knock joke for you.

Me: Knock. Knock.
You: Who’s –
Me: No one wanted to play Red XIII.

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