CNv2 says “Hello World!”

this is the first post of casserly’s notebook v2!

pardon me while i clear the dust. mind the scaffolding! the site doesn’t look like much now, but i have a plan for a total transformation. after jumping the latest depression-hurdle i’m back in action, ready to type a storm.

i made the decision to hold off importing my old posts from various websites and offline projects for a bit. some weren’t as good as i remembered and others require edits.

fortunately, everything from TypoWarriors, MoaningTurtle, TheLegendaryCasual, KarmaPuddle, and Casserly’s Notebook v1 were backed up before i transferred webhosts – from fatcow to jetpack/wordpress. the process wasn’t as easy as i’d have liked, but i managed with the help of FAQs.

thank you for your patience while i fix this mess. that said, i’m gonna stick to the courier new and nocaps style of CNv1; it’s just my style. your eyes will adjust and your inside-your-head voice will get used to mine in no time. i promise.

thanks for taking the time to read.
— casserly